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XISICO stands for Xin Su Industrial Corporation, also known as 'Factory #971', arms manufacturer in China, known abroad mainly for its line of spring piston and PCP air rifles, accessories and ammunition. In the US, it is represented by Huston, TX based company - Xisico USA, Inc.

XS-B21 Here is one of the popular side-lever models - SM1000, also known as XSB 21. A medium-high power rifle equipped with telescopic side cocking lever that makes it easier to shoot it all day without getting exhausted. Compared with break-barrel designs, side levers have an advantages of a rigid barrel-receiver mechanism. The joints are more stable, and generally less air escapes through the piston-barrel gap.
Xisico XS-B3-1 Air Rifle XS B3 is a great little spring piston airgun. Its inexpensive, fairly accurate, lightweight yet feels sturdy. Great for a beginner and hobbyist alike - it has all you need out of the box, but at the same time you are not afraid to apply a screwdriver and modify it a little to fit your taste or satisfy your curiosity. Once dieseling stops (common for new spring piston guns) - expect ~500 fps in .177 cal., which is plenty for indoor target shooting and minor pest control. Resembling AK 47, and even said to be using some parts from it - it's a pleasure to use. No one regrets owning this one.
XISICO XS-B9-1 For cool looks, check out XS-B9 'tactical airgun'. Bear in mind, it's not as accurate, and has no safety, but is easy to pack for transporting and fairly inexpensive.
XS-B28  For sheer power - B28 is second to none. Accurate and well made - its a great value for those looking for the heaviest punch a spring piston can deliver. Available in both .177 and .22 calibers, it can be a great long distance target shooter or a hunter. Understandably, it takes almost 40lb to cock this break-barrel beauty. 
XS 60C CO2 - powered rifle. It is a new product that started appearing on the market in 2010. Resembles .22 rimfire in its single shot bolt action.
XS-B50 Finally, a PCP from China! Selling for $100s less than its western brethren sharing the same DNA, B50/B51 is an accurate and well-balanced .22 cal rifle. It is a serious hunter, making an easy job of a jack rabbit or a turkey out to 50 yards. Lends itself well to modding and tuning, its internal design and recommended tweaks are discussed here.
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XISICO products offer a good value for money with serviceable designs, affordable parts and good metal. After all, Factory 971 used to be a state run arms manufacturer. Some pictures, courtesy of Xisico USA, Inc, can be found here.

An excellent independent review of the Xisico products can be found at http://www.airgundepot.com/bam-air-rifles-review.html along with great deals on airguns, accessories and tons of useful information.

There is a large community of XISICO airgun owners. Chinese Airgun Forum is one of the most active discussion boards with lits of useful info and responsive members : http://www.network54.com/Forum/113813/

A Canada hosted airgun forum is a great source for additional information, community feedback and a good advice, as well as a place to discuss any airgun related topic with experts.